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Welcome to Catch Happy

Fishing Kits and Guided Services for Beginners. 

Our purpose is to bring happiness and joy to the hardest-working people on this planet, so they can do their best work. Our services are designed for the ultra-busy and the over-worked out there to experience for themselves what fishing can do for their mental health.

"What I've realized is that the true power of creativity lies in a paradox of contrast. Hot, then cold. Light then dark. Solving world problems, then fighting a 12 lbs Striper Bass on an 8 lbs fishing line. It's the perspective shift, being in nature and on the hunt. It unlocks incredible stores of will, creativity, and determination. Don't ask me how. Just go and try it yourself."

Alex Osenenko, Founder.

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Our Story

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Who is

We are a group of passionate outdoorsmen who run Sweeney's Sports, a premier sporting goods retailer since 1970. Our goal is to help more people enjoy amazing experiences outdoors. Take a trip with one of our fishing guides, order a turnkey fishing kit, subscribe to our Youtube channel, or stop by our shop in Napa, CA. 

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