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River Salmon Fishing on Sacramento River via Discovery Park

On this week’s adventure Alex and I (Austin) headed to downtown Sacramento to get on some early river salmon. We launched in the Discovery Park area and anchored up where we planned to wrap up some Brad’s Killer Fish with sardines and bounce them off the bottom behind the boat.

We were using Okuma SST 8’6 rods paired up with an Okuma Citrix spooled up with 65LB Braid. For tackle, we used Brad's K16 Killer fish wrapped with sardine. We had a sliding weight of 2oz weight with a 40LB Trilene Big leader to a dulock snap connected to our lure. On one of our rods, we also had a double-bladed Silvertron spinner out just to see what the fish would prefer this morning.

We launched the boat well before sunrise and got down and anchored up and started putting rods in the water. Well, it didn’t take but putting the second rod in the water and we were hooked up on a beautiful chrome king salmon. We saw a few other fish caught and saw a lot of fish roll, we got one so it was a good day. Still really early in the season but it's shaping up to be a great season.

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