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Running our North River after Full Service and Injector Cleaning - Evening Bite on Berryessa

We've picked up the Catch Happy HQ, our 20ft North River Boat, from Berryessa Boat Repair and took her down to the lake for a test float. We've only had an hour and a half before the sunset, but we've decided to fish for a minute and see if we can't hook a trout or three on the evening bite.

I'll be honest with you, I was anxious about how she would perform. Last week she went into safe mode outside of the Golden Gate Bridge and we had to limp back to Berkeley Ramp. Not a great feeling after spending many, many thousands of dollars to acquire her just a couple of weeks back.

It turned out the issue with the engine running at 30% power was the injectors. Jerry, with Berryessa Boat Repair, is my new favorite person. He ran diagnostics on her, figured out the problem, and sent out the injectors for reconditioning. It took over a week, but finally, the day came and I got a call from Jerry that she was ready to be picked up.

My younger daughter Leah and I packed into the car and drove to Jerry's shop to meet with Austin and test float the boat. If you've watched the video you know she did amazing. She was able to get on the plane instantly and hit the top speed of 40 mph. Even at full throttle, the motor worked smoothly.

As to fishing that evening, we tried a few things, but ultimately only had around 45 minutes to troll - not bites for us. I can't wait to take her onto the next adventure and have you come along with us. Thank you kindly for watching. Please subscribe to our channel, if you haven't already. It really helps us out.

Cheers and, we be catching :)

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