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Born from over 50 years of angler expertise, the Mail Order Bride shallow diver isn't just a custom lure, it's a striper-catching legacy. Handcrafted as part of our legendary Wild Thing series, this shallow-diving dynamo dives 2-7ft, mimicking the irresistible action of a fleeing baitfish. The Mail Order Bride is based on the P-Line Predator shallow-diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass.


This lure is designed to dive 2-7 feet, at 2-3 mph and should be fished 40-110 feet behind the boat in a 2-12 ft depth. The Wild Thing series lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. Watch our tutorials for detailed advice and recommendations on using this lure. Whether you are bottom bouncing in 2 ft. of water or trolling through 30 ft. honey holes,  it's an absolute striper magnet. 


Ready to Unleash the Fury?

Don't just take our word for it. See the Mail Order Bride in action with our detailed tutorials, showcasing its unmatched effectiveness under any conditions. Many of our striper guides run this lure 60-80% of the time. 


Make the Ultimate Choice:

If you're serious about stripers and can only bring one lure, the Mail Order Bride is your undisputed champion. Grab yours today and experience the thrill of unstoppable trolling dominance.

Mail Order Bride Wild Thing Striper Trolling Lure - Shallow Diver

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