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Catch Stripers like a Guide

Show your friends how it's done. 

Stop wasting time and money on gear that doesn't work. 


Introducing Catch Happy Striper Fishing Kit. Our guides hand-picked and battle-tested all of the gear you'll need to catch Stripers.


We've also asked our guides to record a comprehensive video course that walks you through the setup, fishing methods, and tips on how to successfully target Stripers. 

Guide Selected Hardware

Hand-picked by our top striper guides. The kit includes the rod, reel, line, and all the tackle you need to bait or lure fish for Stripped Bass in your area. Individually purchased this gear will cost $278.

Guide Led Training Videos

We've recorded a series of kit-specific how-to videos to teach you how to target stripers, set up your gear, and go after this fish with confidence. Individually purchased, the videos are $129.

Guaranteed to Work

90-Day Return Policy. No packaging is required, and no questions are asked. Just ship back the kit and receive a full refund

How it's Done
What's Included?

Our Video Training will Teach You the Skills You Need
$129 Value (included)


What's included and why.


Striper behavior and two main fishing methods.


Step by step kit setup process.


How to use swimbaits and rattle traps. 

Alex with Striper.jpeg

Striper Kit 

Includes Rod and Reel

Video Training Included



Striper Kit 

Base Kit

Video Training Included


What Videos Cover?
fishing for striper in the river.jpeg

Buy with Confidence.
60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Who is

We are a group of passionate outdoorsmen who run Sweeney's Sports, a premier sporting goods retailer since 1970. Our goal is to help more people enjoy amazing experiences outdoors. Take a trip with one of our fishing guides, order a turnkey fishing kit, subscribe to our Youtube channel, or stop by our shop in Napa, CA. 

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