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Bank Fishing for Carp and Catfish on New Melones Lake

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Welcome to Catch Happy weekly fishing adventures and education. Our goal is to help more people enjoy amazing experiences outdoors. You can find top-notch fishing guides, gear kits, and follow our weekly fishing expeditions at

On today's adventure Alex and I (Austin) went and targeted Carp at New Melones Lake. Let’s just start off by saying that I had no clue what to expect when Alex said he wanted to target carp. I wasn’t too thrilled to be going after carp but let's just say I had a blast after a day of chasing and catching big ol carp. I definitely underestimated the power and fight when it came to Carp.

We used two different style rods when fishing for carp. We used a very light Ugly Stick spinning rod with a ten-pound test line and the other set up with a Phenix 808 with an Avet reel that Alex wanted to get to know better, so he decided to test it on carp.

When Alex started mixing the carp bait I was in total shock and was thinking that there is no way we are catching anything today. But, he certainly proved me very wrong. The bait was a mixture of cornmeal, strawberry jello, corn, and bread crumbs. He packed the bait into feeders on his carp Method Lead rig and buried the Hair Rig leader with a hook inside. The idea is that while carp are feeding, they free up the Hair Rig, which floats up and snags them. Something I've never seen before in my years of fishing and guiding.

We got all the rods baited up casted out. Now it was time to hang out and wait for a bite. When I saw the bite and the power of the carp Alex hooked on the Phenix 808 I was in shock. We landed that one and then Alex got another one. Finally, it was my turn to feel the power of one of these big carp on New Melones. I will definitely have a different view now on carp and have much more respect for this fish in the future. Check out the video and let's just say our smiles say it all. Tight light lines! Hope to see ya’ll out on the water. Until next time from and Lip Rippers Guide Service.

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