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Catch & Hike or Cast & Troll Experiences

The weekend is almost here, and it's the perfect time to plan your next outdoor adventure! May is a fantastic month for both fishing and other outdoor activities. Fishing can be the main event, but it doesn't have to be your only goal. Consider backpacking with an ultralight fishing pole at Henry Coe Park. The park boasts fantastic fishing, with largemouth bass, green sunfish, crappie, and bluegill in its lakes and ponds. Additionally, elusive rainbow trout can be found in its stream waters.

Challenging Backcountry Fishing

However, Henry Coe Park's lakes and creeks aren't accessible by car. The terrain is rugged and challenging, demanding a significant investment of time and effort for most backcountry fishing ventures. To reach more remote areas beyond the easily accessible Bass Pond and Frog Lake, you'll encounter significant elevation changes.

Memorable Adventures

Every year, I'd gather a few friends and backpack deep into Henry Coe. The crisp early spring air invigorated us as we honed our skills for landing largemouth bass and elusive stream trout. We backpacked for as much as 18 miles a day to reach a particular remote pond. The trek was undeniably strenuous, but the payoff was incredible. These remote ponds, rarely visited by anglers, teemed with hungry bass. We'd easily catch over 20 fish and keep a couple for dinner each night.

Exploring Henry Coe Park

If you enjoy testing your endurance, this is the prime time of year to backpack, camp, and fish in the park. For seasoned backpackers seeking a fishing adventure, this is the perfect time to explore Henry Coe. But fear not, weekend warriors! The China Hole Loop offers a fantastic 10-mile option with good stream trout fishing. It's perfect for a day trip or an overnight escape.

The Call to Adventure

Writing about these adventures reignites my own desire to explore Henry Coe this spring. Perhaps you feel the same pull? If you are an experienced backpacker interested in learning to fish and catching your own dinner, let me know! Perhaps I'll put together a hosted backpacking trip with a few like-minded folks.

Master the Napa River: Exclusive Striper Trolling Clinic

An Intimate Gathering for Discerning Anglers

If you own a boat or are interested in learning effective boat trolling techniques consider signing up for our Napa River Striper Trolling Clinic experience. Our exclusive Napa River Striper Trolling Clinic offers a limited opportunity to learn from the experts and conquer the waters with fellow enthusiasts.

Sharpen Your Skills Under Expert Guidance

Led by Captain Alex, this experience caters to a select group of five boats and five deckhands. This intimate setting ensures personalized instruction and the chance to refine your trolling techniques alongside experienced anglers.

A Tailored Experience

  • Pre-Clinic Gathering:  Join Captain Alex for a private evening at Sweeney's Sports on July 13th. Discuss strategy, equipment selection, and delve into Captain Alex's proven tactics over gourmet pizza and refreshments.

  • Launch Day:  On July 14th, we'll convene at Cuttings Wharf for a brief equipment check before embarking on our Napa River fishing adventure.

Unparalleled Access and Camaraderie

This clinic is ideal for both seasoned captains seeking to hone their expertise and aspiring deckhands eager to learn.

Limited Availability

Space is strictly limited. To secure your place, please fill out this form and let us know if you are applying as a captain with your own boat or a deckhand. Alex will personally contact those selected to participate.

Embrace the Thrill of the Napa River

This exclusive clinic offers a unique chance to elevate your fishing experience and forge lasting connections with fellow passionate anglers. Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the Napa River with confidence and expertise.

Catch Happy!

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