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Largemouth Bass and Halibut Seasons Are Here

As the weather warms up, largemouth bass fishing in Northern California lakes is heating up. From the serene waters of Lake Hennessey in Napa County to the renowned fishing destination of Clear Lake, anglers are gearing up for a productive season. In this comprehensive fishing report, we feature insights and tips from Niko and Eli, two high school anglers who work at Sweeney's Sports. These young enthusiasts share their experiences and techniques for targeting largemouth bass in various Northern California lakes.

Largemouth Bass

Niko's Report:


- Okuma Avenger Rod and Reel Combo (7' medium power, fast action)

- 8 lb P-Line


Niko found success using a wacky or Neko rig at Lake Hennessey, consistently enticing big strikes. He caught three largemouth bass with a total bag weight of about 4 lbs using a Gary Yamamoto Senko in the smoke/purple & black flake color, enhanced with Trophy Bass Pro-Cure scent.


On Lake Hennessy, Niko recommends focusing on the area approximately 75-100 yards to the right of the boat dock, fishing the rocky bottom and patches of tules ranging from 15 to 6 feet in depth. This is where the largemouth bass seem to be schooling as they prepare for the spawn.


The first two bass were caught between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM, with the last one landed around 5:20 PM. Niko took breaks due to intermittent rain and strong winds, spending a total of about 2 hours with his line in the water.

Eli's Report:


- Abu Garcia Black Max 3 Baitcaster

- 10-lb Green Braid

- Okuma Celilo "B" Rod


Eli started bank fishing at Lake Hennessey around noon, initially without success. After moving to fish along the rocks, he landed his first fish about an hour later using a Neko rig with a watermelon black/red-colored bait, 1/16-ounce Neko weights, and a 3/0 offset shank worm hook.


Eli's method involves imitating a feeding worm at the bottom by slowly working the Neko rig up and down. This technique was most effective between 4-5 PM when he received the most bites, catching a total of five bass using the same rig throughout the day.


- Experiment with different colors and scents to find what works best on a given day.

- Focus on structure, such as rocky bottoms and weed beds, where bass are likely to hold.

- Be willing to move and try different spots if you're not getting bites.

- Pay attention to peak bite times and concentrate your efforts during those periods.

By employing these techniques and following Niko and Eli's advice, you can increase your chances of success when targeting largemouth bass in Northern California lakes. As always, be sure to check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits before heading out on your fishing adventure.

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It's that time of year again – the halibut are starting to show up in San Francisco Bay, and if you've got a boat that can handle the bay, it's time to start planning your fishing trips!

Our customers are already reporting some early season success. Just take Chase and his dad, for example. They launched their boat at Berkeley and headed over to Oyster Point to try their luck. Their secret weapon? Frozen herring on simple halibut rig.

Here's how they set it up: they used 8 oz ball weights, offset about 18 inches from the main line, with an 18-inch leader attached to a halibut rig. To rig the herring, they put the single hook through the bottom of the mouth and out through the nostril, then inserted the treble hook into the spine using one of the hooks, leaving the other two exposed. This way, they maximized their chances of hooking up when a halibut came calling.

The key to their success was drifting with the current and letting the ball weight bounce along the bottom. This keeps the bait right where the halibut are looking for an easy meal. Just keep an eye on your rod tip and be ready to set the hook when you feel that tell-tale bite!

As the weather gets better and more folks head out on the bay, we're expecting the halibut action to really heat up. Make sure you've got your fishing license and proper gear, and don't forget to swing by Sweeney's Sports for all your halibut fishing needs. We've got the bait, tackle, outerwear, boots, and insider tips to help you land that trophy fish.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start drifting for those halibut! And be sure to let us know how you do – we love hearing your fishing stories. Just reply to this email with your story and pictures. Tight lines. Catch Happy, everyone!

Let's Go (shopping for) Fishing (stuff)

1st cast:

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Tight lines! Catch Happy.

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