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Salmon Fishing on Feather River Bouncing Plugs and Drifting Roe

Hey there fishing family, on today's adventure Alex and Austin are yet again chasing river Salmon, exploring the Feather River this time. After moving from spot to spot and covering a lot of water we finally spotted them rolling in one of the holes. Feather River can get really shallow in some spots so it's good to have a jet boat or go with someone who does.

Starting the morning we hit different holes, back bouncing plugs. Worked our first hole really well. Then we moved to our second spot where it didn’t take long and Austin was hooked up on a big bright king salmon. After that we fished plugs until the sun hit the water, then we switched over to a side drifting roe. It's a good technique when the sun comes up because fish will go to the bottom and you can cover a lot of water drifting roe. We ended the day with one salmon bunch of pike minnows, all in all, a good day. Thanks for watching we'll see you next week. We be Catching.

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