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Crafted for the Striped Bass Obsessed:


This powerhouse rod isn't for the faint of heart. It's ideally suited for stripper trolling, boasting the perfect combination of backbone stiffness and tip flexibility. Picture this: you feel the subtle tug of a 30-inch striper on your line. The XG4T bends just enough, absorbing the strike with unyielding strength, while the sensitive tip transmits every head shake and thrash. It's an adrenaline rush unlike any other, and the XG4T is your trusted companion in this thrilling dance.


Built for Big Game, Made for Every Striper:


Target Stripers from 16 to 30 inches and beyond with confidence. The XG4T conquers even the most aggressive fighters, making light work of hauling in monsters. Whether you're casting rat-l-traps, P-line deep divers, or other diving lures, the XG4T delivers the precision and power you need for pinpoint casting and effortless control.


Experience the Magic of S-Glass:


As a 7'11" one-piece S-Glass rod, the XG4T offers an unmatched feel. Unlike stiffer graphite rods, S-Glass boasts a unique blend of strength and resilience, providing a superior bite feel. Every headshake, every surge, vibrates through the rod, amplifying the excitement of the fight and making each catch an unforgettable experience.


More Than Just a Rod, It's an Investment in Epic Battles:


The XG4T isn't just about hauling in monsters; it's about the journey. It's the comfortable grip that lets you battle for hours without fatigue. It's the crisp blank that delivers pinpoint casting accuracy. It's the corrosion-resistant guides and stainless-steel reel seat that stand up to the elements, ensuring years of reliable performance.


Conquer the water and battle trophy stripers with the Phenix XG4T Trolling Rod, a powerhouse built for dedicated anglers seeking peak performance. This rod boasts an impressive blend of strength, sensitivity, and versatility, making it your ultimate companion for various trolling techniques and targeted species.


Here's what sets the XG4T apart:


  • Uncompromising Strength: Crafted with high-modulus graphite, the XG4T offers exceptional durability to withstand the relentless tug of even the most aggressive fish.
  • Effortless Control: The moderate action provides a perfect balance of power and flexibility, allowing you to fight with confidence while maintaining a smooth feel.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Don't miss a bite! The rod's sensitive tip delivers subtle vibrations, telegraphing even the lightest strikes, so you can react instantly.
  • Built to Last: Outfitted with premium components, including a stainless-steel reel seat and corrosion-resistant guides, the XG4T is built to endure the harsh elements and deliver years of reliable service.
  • Versatile Performance: Available in multiple lengths and actions, the XG4T caters to various trolling tactics, from deep-sea giants to inshore battles. Choose the perfect rod for your target species and fishing style.


More than just features, the XG4T offers:


  • Reduced fatigue: The lightweight design ensures comfortable handling throughout your fishing adventure.
  • Increased accuracy: The crisp blank and responsive action enhance casting precision for targeted presentations.
  • Unmatched value: Experience exceptional performance at an affordable price point, making the XG4T a smart choice for budget-conscious anglers.

Best Striper Trolling Rod - Phenix XG4T

SKU: 812484019023
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