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Save Money

Stop overspending on tackle that collects dust! Our curated kits save you money by eliminating impulse buys and mismatched gear. No more lure libraries for the wrong fish or rods gathering cobwebs for seasons you never fish. Each kit packs expert-chosen tools specifically designed for your target catch, maximizing your budget and ensuring every cast counts.

Budget Striper Kits 

Forget expensive gear, striper fishing is about enjoying the outdoors, the hunt, and the peacefulness of nature. Explore our budget-priced quality Striper Fishing gear kits below. 

Gear Up Like a Pro

Imagine arriving at the water's edge, armed with expert-chosen rods, reels, lures, and tackle tailored to your target catch. Forget the research rabbit holes and gear mismatches. Unleash your inner angler with the confidence of a pro, thanks to curated kits designed to make every strike a story, not a struggle. Choose your target, grab your kit, and get ready to reel in memories, not regrets.

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Best Striper Gear and Kits 

Land your dream striper! Up your game with premium gear for unmatched strength, sensitivity, and casting power. Feel the fight, not the limitations.

Best Striper Fishing Gear

Perfect morning for striper trolling on Napa River

Escape the Grind, Embrace the Thrill.

Escape the daily grind for the primal thrill of the hunt. Here, nature amps your creativity, every cast a challenge, every strike a jolt of wild adrenaline. Unwind, unleash, and rediscover yourself where the only deadlines are set by the setting sun. Catch Happy's your launchpad – cast off and find your fire.

Explore the Wild Thing Striper Trolling  Lure Collection

We custom make each Wild Thing lure in our shop in Napa, CA. The lures are based on a P-Line deep-diving predator minnow with custom tails, hooks, skirts, and worms. The bottom line, they work great. 

Fast Track Fishing Mastery

Ditch the research rabbit holes and gear learning curves! Invest in time on the water, not wasted hours deciphering tackle jargon. Our curated, species-specific kits come packed with expert-chosen gear and bonus video tutorials, making you a master of your target catch in no time. Our weekly blog is designed to educate and inspire you. Sign up for our weekly email list to get the latest fishing adventures and education in your inbox.

Cuttings Warf Dock Napa Early Morning

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