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Bait Fishing Tackle 

  • Sliding swivels for clipping weights

  • Rolling swivels clips 

  • Beads 

  • A variety of weights

  • Striper-specific leaders with attached hooks 

  • Bait buttons

  • Magic thread string 

  • Tackle Box 

Striper fishing kit from Catch Happy

What is included in our Striper Kit?

1 (55).jpg

Lure Fishing Tackle 

  • 2 Rat-l Trap Lures 

  • Swim baits 

  • Swim bait jig heads 

Instructional Video

  • Striper behavior   

  • Rod/Reel advice

  • Full bait fishing setup instructions

  • Baiting the hook 

  • Casting your rod with bait

  • Lure fishing principles

  • Swim baits how-to's

  • Hard baits how-to's

  • Lure casting tips and demo

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Order with confidence. Product sourced and shipped by the fine folks at Sweneey's Sports, Napa, CA.

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Shop with confidence. Our products are sourced and shipped by the fine folks at Sweeney's Sports, Napa California.

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