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The Striper Trolling Kit is designed by our guides for boat anglers looking for precise gear and tackle to troll rivers, bays, and lakes for striped bass. The kit includes a rod, reel, spooled with fishing line, swivel clips, and 2 trolling lures. 


It's ready to fish out of the box. 


The kit contains: 


  • Phenix XG-4 Trolling Rod
  • Okuma Cold Water Counter Reel
  • Comes spooled with 200 Yards of P-Line Floroclear Mono Line
  • 1 Italian Stallion Wild Thing striper trolling lure
  • 1 Golden Boy Aruku Shad striper trolling lure
  • Swivel Snaps
  • Tutorial Videos 




Phenix XG-4 XStreme Rod


  • Ideally suited for Striper Trolling with the perfect combination of backbone stiffness and tip flexibility

  • The rod is ideal for targeting 16-30+ inch stripers using rat-l-trap, P-line deep divers, and other diving lures

  • As a 7'11" one-piece S-Glass rod, the bite feel is amazing and every fight is epic

  • This rod is extremely sensitive but has enough power to get the fish going in the direction you need​

  • It's a perfect choice for anglers who enjoy the fight as much as the catch itself. 

  • Phenix offers a limited lifetime warranty on their rods 


Okuma Coldwater Low Profile Line Counter Reel 


  • The reel perfectly pairs with the Phenix XG-4 kit rod

  • 25 lbs. of drag balances the delicate sensitivity of the XG-4 by giving you enough power to control the fish and increase catch rate, even while enjoying the tremendous feel of the Phenix XG-4 rod

  • The mechanical line counter helps you keep track of your lure backset

  • This reel is highly adaptable and besides striper fishing, can be used for a variety of species including salmon, halibut, and just about all other 3 lbs+ fish types

  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty


Two Top-Producing Lures


  • P-Line Predator-based custom-made Italian Stallion deep diving lure.

  • This lure is designed to dive 10-12 feet and should be fished 50-95 feet behind the boat in a 7-20 ft depth

  • Watch the tutorial for detailed advice and recommendations on using this lure. It's an absolute striper magnet. 

  • Golden Boy, aka Spro Akuru Shad​

  • The Golden Boy outfishes any other striper lure by a huge margin. Its fish production rate is only rivaled by the Italian Stallion. 


Professionally Spooled 


  • We spool your reel with 200 yards of 15 lbs test P-Line Flouroclear monofilament line before shipping

  • We recommend using mono connected directly to the snap swivel, which then connects to your lure

  • A set of recommended-size snap swivels is also included

  • Alternatively, you can use a braided line, which has its advantages, however, after countless guided trips our recommendation is to reduce the number of connections and improve the simplicity of re-rigging if you lose your lure and snap-swivel connector on the snag

  • Our tutorial video covers mono vs braid line consideration in some depth


Striper Trolling Kit

$420.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
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