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Lake Berryessa Trout Trolling: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Lake Berryessa offered a valuable lesson on my recent trout trolling trip. Three key mistakes, although seemingly minor, turned a potentially successful outing into a learning experience.


Mistake #1: Inappropriate Drag Setting

I love fishing for striped bass. I would say 7 out of 10 trips I take are striped bass-focused. As such eager for aggressive Striped Bass strikes, I neglected to adjust the drag for Trout. This loose setting allowed them to take the bait and run, escaping before I could set the hook. Takeaway: Always set the drag for appropriate resistance to avoid breakoffs.


Mistake #2: Underestimating Tackle Strength

Another oversight was underestimating the strength needed, particularly in the leader line. Opting for a 4-pound leader proved insufficient for the powerful spring Trout. The leader snapped under pressure, leading to missed opportunities. Going forward, I'll use 6-8 pound leader for trout trolling.


Mistake #3: Not Enough Colors

Perhaps the biggest misstep was relying on limited lure options. Pre-trip intel suggested Speedy Shiners were the hot ticket. However, the store was nearly out due to the red-hot bite. Stuck with my tackle box's four color options, I missed out on a friend's tip about a particularly effective color. This likely cost me several bites. Lesson learned: Always have a diverse lure selection to maximize success.

Every fishing trip, successful or not, offers a chance to grow. This humbling experience highlighted areas for improvement and left me eager to apply these lessons on future adventures.

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