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Bank Fishing for Striper in Downtown Napa on Napa River

This week we (Austin and Alex) decided to spend a couple of hours fishing 10 minutes away from our headquarters at Sweeney's Sports, Napa, CA before coming to work.

Austin is one of the best fishing guides in Napa, so he knew a good spot in Downtown Napa for us to try. As far as gear, we've used Catch Happy Striper Kit that accommodates both lure and bait fishing.

We got to the spot around 7 am and started with various rattle traps and swimbait lures. After around 20 minutes of casting without anything to show for it, we've decided to switch tactics and set up our rods for bait fishing using anchovies. Once re-rigged, the action was none stop! We started getting bit right away, however, it seemed like lots of small fish were eating our bait time and time again. We went through half of the anchovy bag before Austin was able to finally hook a 16-inch striped bass.

Alex had a fish on the hook for a moment, but it came off almost immediately. All and all this was an excellent morning with a lot of action and experimentation. I think our viewers can learn from our mistakes and be more effective in fishing this spot.

We'll do this again real soon, but the river salmon season is now open and that is what we'll be doing over the next few weeks/months. Want to book your own guided river salmon fishing trip, tap one of our excellent fishing guides.

Until next time, tight lines and lots of smiles, friends!


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