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Guided Kokanee Fishing with Kids on Lake New Melones

Welcome to Catch Happy weekly fishing adventures and education. Our goal is to help more people enjoy amazing experiences outdoors. You can find top-notch fishing guides, gear kits, and follow our weekly fishing expeditions at

Alex and I (Austin) planned on going to New Melones this week again to target Kokanee. It was an amazing day on the water because we had two special guests on my boat. We had Alex’s daughters on the boat this time and it made for an amazing day watching them put the wood to those hard-fighting kokanee in New Melones. I was smiling and laughing all day long. It's a privilege to work as a Napa fishing guide.

We used Scotty electric down riggers and Okuma SST kokanee rods paired up with Okuma cold water line counter reels, spooled up with 8LB Pline. We used a variety of different lures and dodgers to find the fish. Once we found the pattern it was game on. Double D moon jelly dodgers paired with Double D spinners. We used J&J Tackle dodgers paired up with different spinners and flutter bugs from Paulina Peak. We did 40ft setbacks from 40ft to 55ft down. All the tackle we use you can find at Sweeneys Sports in Napa. You also can go to to pick up your very own Kokanee Fishing Kit as well.

We started trolling around 6:45 am and it was game on right away. The girls made quick work of their two limits in about 2 hours. It was pure joy watching them reeling fish and seeing their smiles. It makes my job as a Napa fishing guide a whole lot sweeter seeing the enjoyment that people get when catching fish. The girls were netting fish and doing it all. It was a great day on the water. Tight Lines. See you next week on our next adventure.

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