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How to Catch Trout at Los Vaqueros (9 fish by 11am)

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Alex and I (Austin) planned a trip to Los Vaqueros Reservoir to fish for, and hopefully catch two different species. A beautiful Lassen Rainbow Trout and Landlocked Stripers. It's a very unique place because you have to rent a boat as it's an electric boat only lake. Otherwise, you can fish from the bank, but that is hit or miss. More often a miss.

We used 7ft trout spinning rods paired up with a 1000 series spinning reel. Very small reel with 4 lbs mono line (don’t need anything crazy when targeting trout). We were using a sliding egg weight method tied up to a 5ft 4 lbs leader, terminated with a small treble hook. For the bait, we found green garlic Powerbait to be the most effective. Rubbing a little bit of Pautzke garlic scent on the Powerbait may have helped. When we were targeting stripers we were using the kit rods we put together. It's an 8’6 Okuma Celilo rod paired Okuma Avenger reel with 20 lbs P-line mono line. We used two different methods, rattle traps and throwing out anchovies. Stripers didn't wanna play that day but when casting rattle traps for stripers we were actually catching nice size trout. As you'll see in the video.

We ended the day with 9 beautiful Lassen Trout. Took us a little bit to find what point they were on but when we did it was lights out. Alex and I learned to expect the unexpected when fishing somewhere new. The wind picked up as our electric rental boat broke down. We were able to anchor and fish while waiting to be rescued. Also, when I was casting for stripers, I was not expecting to catch trout. It's always fun going to a new body of water and having to actually chase fish and cover lots of water because when you do the work and find the fish it's very rewarding.

Want to hire Austin for your own guided fishing trip on Los Vaqueros? Click here to inquire

Catch fish. Be happy.

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