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The Sturgeon season is here. Stripers are on the bite.

Struggling to choose the perfect striper trolling setup? 

You're not alone! We at Catch Happy Fishing Kits understand the frustration. That's why we spent months on the water, testing countless setups and consulting experienced fishing guides.

The result? Battle-tested, complete fishing kits that take the guesswork out of striper trolling. No more endless research, mismatched gear, or wasted money. Just proven setups at a discounted price.

Here's why you'll love Catch Happy Kits:

  • Expert-Approved: We didn't just rely on ourselves. Fishing guides helped us fine-tune each kit for maximum effectiveness.

  • Battle-Tested: Every item in the kit has been proven to catch stripers, so you can focus on the fight, not the gear.

  • Effortless Success: Skip the learning curve and get straight to catching fish with our easy-to-use kits.

  • Save Time & Money: Get the perfect setup for the job without the hassle or expense of buying individual pieces.

Introducing the Striper Trolling Kit:

Our first kit is packed with everything you need to dominate the striper game:

  • Premium trolling rod & reel: Built for power and durability.

  • Top-notch lures & terminal tackle: Proven to attract and hook stripers.

  • Clear, concise instructions: Get started quickly and easily.

Don't wait! Order your Striper Trolling Kit today and experience the Catch Happy difference!

Customer Success Story

Striper Slaying Starts Now! Frank Crushes It After Catch Happy Video Binge!

I met Frank in the shop on Tuesday. After 20 years of not fishing, Frank Grant couldn't believe his eyes when he landed this awesome 22-inch striper in the Napa River! 

"It felt like a scene straight out of a Catch Happy video," exclaimed Frank, still shaking with excitement. "I saw their tips on YouTube and decided to give it a shot, and just a couple of hours later, I hooked this beauty!"

Fueled by inspiration from Catch Happy's epic striper videos, Frank dusted off his gear and decided to give it another shot. Just a couple of hours later, BAM! Striper city!

Feeling inspired by Frank's comeback? Watch our striper videos, grab your gear, and get ready to Catch Happy!

The Sturgeon season is here!

Our friends and customers Jeffrey and Austin fished the Napa River this week and landed 3 giant sturgeon (all released to fight another day).

The guys were using live grass shrimp and roe. We also have reports of fishermen seeing sturgeon rolling all over the river.

Reel in the Big One: Master Sturgeon Fishing with Our Insider Tips!

Ready to battle behemoths? Sturgeon season is here! Check out our comprehensive instructional video and blog packed with everything you need to land these legendary fish.

Bait Up for Success:

  • Fresh is best: Opt for live Grass or Ghost shrimp, pile worms, salmon roe, or frozen eel.

  • Barbless hooks & secure bait: Choose barbless hooks and secure your bait with magic thread (twine) and a bait button.

  • Hit the bottom: Use a 4-8 ounce pyramid sinker and a weighted leader to keep your bait where the sturgeon feeds.

Remember: Responsible fishing practices are key! Check local regulations and release your catch carefully to ensure these amazing creatures thrive. 

Get out and fish on your own or book your guided sturgeon trip here. Visit our shop for gear, advice, and bait.

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