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Unlocking the Mysteries of Trinity River: A Fly Fishing Adventure


Welcome to the Catch Happy Deep Dive Fishing Podcast! In this episode, Alex dives deep into the world of fly fishing on the Trinity River, joined by the knowledgeable guide, Robbie George from Bendco Fly Fishing Guide Service. They unravel the mysteries of the river, discuss the unique challenges, and share their passion for this extraordinary angling experience.


Introduction to the Trinity River Experience: 

In the heart of the conversation, Robbie George, the expert guide from Bendco Fly Fishing Guide Service, shares his enthusiasm for the Trinity River, calling it his top choice for a lifetime of fishing. Describing the beauty of the wild California landscape surrounding the river, he emphasizes the sense of solitude, where bald eagles, deer, and bears become your companions.


Exploring Trinity's Diverse Fisheries:

The conversation delves into the unique fisheries of the Trinity River. Beyond the pursuit of steelhead, Robbie introduces the resident population of trout and the elusive brown trout, referred to as the "unicorns of the river" due to their rarity. However, Robbie sheds light on the conservation efforts involving relocating or unfortunately, dispatching brown trout to preserve the salmon and steelhead population.


Tackling the Trinity River Puzzle:

As the hosts inquire about the Trinity River's distinctive features, Robbie provides insights into the gear and tactics. He discusses the intricate rigging involving indicator lines, tippet rings, and a variety of flies. The conversation reveals the technicality of Trinity River fly fishing, requiring a balance of skill and knowledge to navigate the waters successfully.


From Bank to Boat: Gear and Tactics:

Robbie transitions to discuss the gear suitable for both bank and boat fishing. He recommends the Rio Indicator Fly Line for bank fishing and introduces the Extreme Indicator Line for boat fishing, highlighting its adaptability in close quarters. The conversation emphasizes the importance of understanding casting techniques, making the Trinity River a more suitable destination for intermediate to advanced fly anglers.


Clientele and Recommendations:

Addressing the diverse clientele, Robbie acknowledges that Trinity River caters to various skill levels. While experienced fly anglers find joy in the challenge, beginners might face difficulties due to the technical nature of the river. Robbie recommends less demanding rivers for beginners, such as the Lower Sacramento or the Feather River, before venturing into Trinity's unique and captivating fishing environment.



As the episode concludes, the hosts and Robbie George leave listeners with a deeper appreciation for the Trinity River and the art of fly fishing. Whether you're an avid angler seeking the challenge of steelhead or a novice eager to learn, the Trinity River offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of California's untamed wilderness.

Join us on the next episode as we continue to explore the diverse world of fishing, unraveling the secrets of different rivers and the thrilling adventures they hold.

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