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Top 5 Budget Striper Fishing Setups $50-$125

Forget expensive gear, striper fishing is about enjoying the outdoors, the hunt, and the peacefulness of nature, all for $50 - $125!

This video and article equip you for more striper fishing trips, squeezing maximum value out of each one. The budget-friendly rods, reels, and kits I'll cover are versatile, but here, we'll focus on stripers and getting the most bang for your buck.

We'll start with the top-end budget options and work our way down. So ditch takeout for a few days and trade it for years of striper fishing adventures!


Striper Spinning Bait Fishing Setup Under $125

For anglers who prefer to fish from the shore, a versatile setup is key. Our top recommendation is:

Rod: Okuma Celilo CE-S-862ha - $64.99

Heavy Action 

Line 12-25lbs 

Lures 1oz-4oz

Reel: Okuma Avenger Av-6000 - $58.99

Line Capacity - 16/195, 20/165

Drag 33.1 lbs 

Gear Ratio 4.5:1

6+1 Bearings 

Tip: Not sealed. Rinse after fishing in salt water.

Alternative applications: Catfish, Carp, Perch, Trout (Powerbait), and Live Bait fishing of any kind. 

Striper Spinning Lure Fishing Setup Under $125

If casting lures is more your style, we've got you covered. The Okuma Celilo CES 862 rod paired with the Okuma C40 reel is an ideal choice for anglers looking to target stripers with artificial lures. With a lure weight capacity ranging from 1oz to 4oz, this setup offers the versatility needed to tackle a wide range of fishing conditions. Priced under $125, this combo delivers exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Rod: Okuma Celilo CE-S-862ha - $64.99

Heavy Action 

Line 12-25lbs 

Lures 1oz-4oz

Reel: Okuma Ceymar C-40 - Reel-$58.99

Line Capacity 12-160

Drag 18lbs 

Gear Ratio 5:1

7+1 Bearings 

Alternative applications: Halibut, Salmon, (be mindful of line capacity), Trout, Bass

Striper Trolling Setup Under $185

If Striper trolling is your game, the Okuma Celilo CES 862 rod paired with the Okuma Convector CV 35 reel is a winning combination. With its sturdy construction and smooth drag system, this setup is built to handle the rigors of trolling for medium-big game fish. Priced under $185, this combo offers unbeatable value for money and is suitable for a variety of trolling applications.

Rod: Okuma Celilo CE-C-862a - $64.99

Heavy Action 

Line 12-25lbs

Lure 1/2 - 4oz 

Reel: Okuma Convector CV-354D- - $117.99

Drag 22.1lbs

Gear Ratio 5.4-1

Line Counter 

Alternative applications: Trolling or drifting for Halibut, Salmon, and Trout.

Striper Bait Fishing Combo Under $130


Penn Fierce IV - Single Piece 

Rod - 7ft Medium Heavy-Fast

Line 12-20lbs Mono, 15-40lbs Braid

Lure 1/2 - 1 ½ Oz

Reel - 5000 Size

Line Capacity 

12/225 20/135 Mono

20/420 40/240 Braid

Drag - 25 lbs 

The reel on its own is $110-$130. Priced at $129, this combo is a solid deal.

Alternative applications: Bait fishing for Catfish, Carp, and any live bait fishing. I would not be afraid to use this setup for Bat Rays and Sharks.

Striper Bait Fishing Setup Under $70

Rod - Okuma Tundra Pro TXP-60

8ft Medium Action

Line 10-25lbs

Lure ¾-2 ½ Oz 

Reel - Okuma Tundra Pro

6000 Size

16-300, 20-250

3 Bearings

Lots of plastic components in the reel. 

Alternative uses: Catfish, Carp, Perch, Trout (Powerbait), and Live Bait fishing of any kind. 

Striper Bait Fishing Setup Under $50

Rod - Okuma Tundra TU-802 60

8ft, Medium/Medium Fast 

Line Size Recommendation: 10-30lbs

Lure Weight Recommendation: ½ - 1 ½ Oz

Reel- Okuma 6000 size 

Line Capacity: 10/250

1 Bearing 

Spooled up with 20lbs mono line

Alternative uses: Catfish, Carp, Perch, Trout (Powerbait), Live Bait of any kind.

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Let's Go Fishing

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April is almost here, and with it comes the thrilling start of striper season! Imagine crisp mornings spent casting lines on glassy water, the thrill of a powerful striper fighting on your line, and the satisfaction of reeling in a trophy catch. Our expert guides will put you on the fish, sharing their knowledge and ensuring you have an unforgettable striper fishing adventure. Don't miss out on this exciting season - book your guided trip today and experience the magic of striper fishing for yourself!

Tight lines! Catch Happy.

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